News & Notes from Cameron

Liberating Your Hands – April 2013

"Hands love to knit and sew, hammer and saw, knead and shape...Hands love to do what hands can do, but the mind often says, "No you can't. I don't feel like it." The hands are ready, the mind is reluctant...The best way to learn putting your awareness in your hands and actually feeling what the hands are doing... hands do well when you (let them)  feel out for themselves what seems like a good way to do something and letting them try various ways and methods. Hands like that. They don't appreciate being bossed around."  from Tomato Blessings and Radish Teachings, Recipes and Reflections by Edward Espe Brown. We read many passages from this wise and inspiring book during our Food for Thought workshop at the Craft in America Study Center on April 6th.




Into the Storm and a History in Layers - March 2013

Hands On Color at Woodstock Weavers in Illinois was a joy to teach - the challenge was getting there. My first flight got cancelled and we were uncertain if the later flight would be a go. But eventualy I made it to O'Hare, and BethAnn Duncan, Guild President and my intrepid hostess, braved the storm to pick me up.
Many wonderful photos are posted on the Woodstock Weavers Guild website. Look for "event pictures" on the left of the home page.  Link HERE.


While I was in Illinois, Resplendent Dress from Southeastern Europe: A History in Layers, opened at the UCLA Fowler Museum to big crowds.  Curated by Elizabeth Wayland Barber and Barbara Belle Sloan,  the exhibit features a treasure trove of fabulous costumes from the Fowler collection, and uncovers textile traditions whose origins can be traced back 20,000 years. Elizabeth Barber is an incredible historian, and her insights enrich and deepen the visual splendor of the costumes on display.  Barbara Sloan was kind enough to walk me through the show and I managed to snag her signature on the accompanying book, now a part of the ARTSgarage library. This outstanding exhibit deserves to travel...  To see more, link HERE.


Food-inspired Vessels - February 2013

Two completed vessels - inspired by a pomegranate and a kiwi. Sometimes a workshop topic gets me going in a wonderful new direction, and that's what happened here. My daughter Julia and I are teaching Food for Thought on April 6th at the Craft in America Study Center in Los Angeles. Food for Thought supports the exhibit Good Enough to Eat: An Exhibition in Three Servings, that runs through June 22nd.


PROCESS SHOTS: the uncut vessels




Weavebomb in Winter - January 2013

A small reminder of an ARTSgarage summer remains on the fig tree I pass on the way to my studio. A bit more weathered than when installed last July, it is holding up rather well  - and reminds me of the makers hands from Los Angeles and all over the country - who created spontaneous and joyful fiber work in my backyard. Happy New Year and thank you!


A Crafted Christmas - December 2012




Many of our relatives converged at the  family beach house and joined in making ornaments for the tree.


I provided sticks, a glue gun and yarn, and everyone went at it with imagination, good humor and great results.


Now I call that a VERY Merry Christmas, indeed!