News & Notes from Cameron

How String Changed the World - May 2019

Without a doubt, presenting the keynote lecture How String Changed the World to the Michigan League of Handweavers was a highlight of my month.  Ancient sandals, an Incan rope bridge, quipu, and a Roman slingshot were woven together with Maslow's Hierarchy of Needs and much more! It  was great fun to research and share with others.

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Gist Podcast - April 2019

A highlight for me this month was an interview with Sarah Resnick from Gist - where we have a wide-ranging conversation about weaving and the upcoming exhibit Material Meaning: A Living Legacy of Anni Albers. 

You can listen HERE. 

Episode 59  Material Meaning with Cameron Taylor Brown IG

Presenting Our Identities - March 2019

A highlight in March was a collaborative educators' workshop at the UCLA Fowler Museum.  In the morning curator Johanna Barkmann explored identity as expressed in the textiles of Borneo, and in the afternoon we created items of adornment that expressed our own individual identities.  Or as described by the Fowler " the interdisciplinary and multicultural connections between visual arts and the presentation of self." A great way to spend a rainy Saturday! 





Weaving with Mohawk Group - January 2109

A fun evening in downtown Los Angeles capped off the month of January. We taught 35 architects and designers

how to weave in an event hosted by Mohawk Group, a domestic carpet manufacturer. A big shout-out to Royce Epstein

and Valary Bral from Mohawk as well as to my wonderful weaving helpers, Warren Aldrich and Nina Berson! 






Textile Finds in Mexico City - December 2018

 Our recent family trip to Mexico City included some enthusiastic “textile tourism.” We purchased beautiful Oaxacan textiles at Remigio  (shown below) and discovered Carla Fernandez, Fabrica Social and Casilda Mut -  three clothing designers who create contemporary fashion working with traditional artisans. Plus mmpascual -  two very inventive designers using textile components in their jewelry.  So inspiring to see creative interpretations that respect and build upon traditional techniques!