News & Notes from Cameron

Galapagos Color - March 2016

Color...texture...pattern... inspiration for future projects! A family trip to the Galapagos becomes a springboard for design ideas. 




Many Threads - February 2016

 Leap Before You Look opened at the UCLA Hammer Museum, and includes a weaving I designed for the restored Black Mountain workshop loom that is in the exhibit. The show runs through May 15th, and is an inspiring celebration of the continuing influence of Black Mountain College. There are many exceptional free programs related to the exhibit, and I will be doing two weaving demonstratons! 


Seaside Weavers visited with me at ARTSgarage and explored color and fiber in some experiments adapted from How to Be An Explorer of the World by Keri Smith. We also relaxed and had lunch in the backyard – Los Angeles in February just can't be beat. Several beautiful textiles were created at Introduction to Weaving, the first in a series of ART OF THE LOOM workshops scheduled at ARTSgarage. I'm happy to say these workshops  are filling up fast! 


Team Textile - January 2016

As a pre-launch to my ART of the LOOM  weaving design series, an intrepid group of educators road-tested my Introduction to Weaving workshop. As odd as it may seem, introductory classes can be the most difficult to get right. Thanks to TEAM TEXTILE, I'm ready to go. This first introductory workshop is full with a wait list, and I'm already getting sign-ups for the Color and Weave workshop in April. ART of the LOOM is happening at ARTSgarage! Jan2016-AJAN2016-BJan2016-CJan2016-D


Gold Meets Red - December 2015

Two fabulous textile shows are currently on view in Southern California, Woven Gold at the Getty Center, and The Red that Colored the World at the Bowers.  Don't miss them if you are in the area -  lots of inspiration, history and interesting programs! 


Woven Gold: Tapestries of Louis XIV
December 15, 2015 – May 1, 2016  at The Getty Center in Los Angeles, CA





"The Sun King, Louis XIV of France, who reigned from 1643 to 1715, formed the greatest collection of tapestries in early modern Europe. Extraordinary resources of time, money, and talent were allocated to the creation of these works, which were meticulously woven by hand with wool, silk, and precious metal-wrapped thread, after designs by the most esteemed artists."



There are several talks and a one day symposium related to the exhibit, plus many opportunities to experience how a tapestry is made in free drop-in classes in January, February and March with weaver and conservator Yadin Larochette! Read all the details HERE.









The Red that Colored the World

October 31, 2015 - February 21, 2016 at the Bowers Museum in Santa Ana, CA



"Red, with its brilliant hue and broad cultural history, has inspired artists' imaginations and seduced viewers for millennia. Artists and dyers for centuries strived to find the color source to rival the best reds of nature, and to express the spirit, symbolism and sustenance of life. Their quest ended in the Aztec marketplace of 16th-century Mexico, where Spanish explorers encountered the American cochineal bug. ...the exhibition explores the history of cochineal and the seductive visual nature of red..."

Upcoming programs include The Glory of Red, a workshop that explores red as a catalyst for creativity, Cochineal in the History of Art, and botanical demonstrations with members of the Botanical Artists Guild. Read all the details HERE


More Than Just a Pretty Face - November 2015





My beautiful new ARTSgarage website is more than just a pretty face – it now has CONTENT, with more on the way. I've just posted "Art of the Loom" a new series of workshops that begins with an introduction to weaving on a floor loom, and then explores different aspects of woven design - color, texture, fiber and pattern! Use of looms and all materials are included. Registration begins January 2, 2016.