News & Notes from Cameron

Making Meaning - October 2013

Recent travels - one to China's Central Asia and another within walking distance to the Nathalie Miebach exhibit at the Craft and Folk Art Museum - remind me that human notation systems are amazing, complex, and varied. But also unintelligible unless we comprehend the assigned meaning and can unlock the content contained within....

Mandarin and Uygur signage in China were a complete mystery to us, as were many of the English translations.


The musical notation we encountered in China's Central Asia was different as well.


Closer to home at the CAFAM exhibit, Nathalie Miebach creates her personal version of a musical score. She encourages musicians to "read" her notations and play what they see.


Weavers have notation systems too. I can "see" a cloth construction when "reading" a weave draft - it must look completely mysterious to a non-weaver. Knitters have a written language they follow too - PSSO anyone?


Textile Sightings: Aidelaixi Silk – September 2013

There were numerous textile sightings during a recent trip to the old silk routes of Central Asia - oasis communities around the vast Taklimakan Desert. My favorite was handwoven Aidelaixi or "Atlas" silk - worn by Uygur women of all ages. There were also many "knock-offs" of Atlas motifs printed onto commercial cloth. All were bright and colorful - a delightful contrast to the monochrome palette of the surrounding desert.





Meeting Our Needs - August 2013

A very busy month in the studio, completing the Colors of Gujarat series of textile collages plus hosting a truly inspiring createIt@ARTSgarage, Social Fabric: Why Textiles Matter, presented by Sally Raskoff. We discovered how a bag made with simple fiber techniques can address multiple levels of Maslow's Hierarchy of Needs - from basic survival to self-actualization!


Colors of Gujarat: Fabric Dyer  - the complete series is on the portfolio page of my website.



createIt@ARTSgarage Social Fabric:Why Textiles Matter with Sally Raskoff -  be sure and check out Sally's compilation of many versions of Maslow's Hierarchy of Needs!



Photos to Fabric - July 2013

July: A month where figs begin to ripen and textiles get made. I'm creating a body of work in a technique that is new to me. First I print my "Colors of Gujarat" photos onto fabrics, then layer, stitch and color the images. Here a couple of them, still in process, one of a fabric dyer, and another of an indigo vat. It's great to have dirty fingers! And every now and then I go onto my balcony and select a ripening fig before a neighborhood squirrel can grab it.

Fabric Dyer - overall and detail


Indigo Vat - overall and detail


Color Immersion – June 2013




A visual fog of shifting color.

A sensual dance.




The James Turrell retrospective

at the Los Angeles County Museum of Art

is a total immersion experience.



The LACMA presentation is one of three concurrent exhibitions of the artist's work. The other two shows are at the Guggenheim Museum in New York, and the Museum of Fine Arts in Houston.


A recent article about James Turrell in the New York Times Magazine is a great read, plus there is a June 28th  interview with Charlie Rose.


Immerse yourself.