News & Notes from Cameron

More Than Just a Pretty Face - November 2015





My beautiful new ARTSgarage website is more than just a pretty face – it now has CONTENT, with more on the way. I've just posted "Art of the Loom" a new series of workshops that begins with an introduction to weaving on a floor loom, and then explores different aspects of woven design - color, texture, fiber and pattern! Use of looms and all materials are included. Registration begins January 2, 2016.






Looms@ARTSgarage! - October 2015

This month I ordered looms to teach weaving at ARTSgarage. I'm starting with 4 Wolf Pups and will build out from there. Wolf Pups are true floor looms and perfect for teaching! Weaving classes launch in 2016. Email me at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. if you'd like to be on the mailing list and notified of the schedule. 


ARTSgarage Website Launch - September 2015







The big news for this month!!! 

ARTSgarage now has its own website and will expand programming in 2016.

I'm very excited, let me know what you think - check it out HERE.  

Making and Teaching - August 2015

August was my ideal mix of making and teaching, all in glorious color.  I finished two more double cloth weavings based on the colors of Gujarat, India and a silk ribbon I'd found in Bhuj.   Now I get to play around with embroidered accents and the mixed media components that will make this series complete. Someone once said I work in an iterative way and I guess that is true. Earlier in the month I had the  pleasure of teaching a 5-day color workshop at Harrisville Designs - a great facility with wonderful students.  This was my first time teaching at Harrisville, and I'm happy to say I'll be back next year! 


Below: two weavings, still "works in progress"  


Below: The Harrisville store and studio, in an historic building; my wonderful class with Harrisville yarns in the background. 


Found Fabric, Bandhani and more - July 2015

July was packed with classes of all types – two found fabric workshops in conjunction with the Loft at Liz's Diverted Destruction 8 exhibit – one for adults and one for families; a Bandhani workshop by several artisans from Kutch hosted here at ARTSgarage, and a createIt@ARTS garage seminar for educators exploring inquiry-based learning through the arts. Here are a couple of photos - you can see many more on Facebook at ARTSgarage and Cameron Taylor-Brown Studio


AND attention was finally given to a colorful double cloth that has been on my loom and calling to me for some time. One piece is off the loom and I'm in the middle of another. The colors are based on a lovely silk ribbon I purchased in the marketplace in Bhuj, India.