News & Notes from Cameron

Found Fabric, Bandhani and more - July 2015

July was packed with classes of all types – two found fabric workshops in conjunction with the Loft at Liz's Diverted Destruction 8 exhibit – one for adults and one for families; a Bandhani workshop by several artisans from Kutch hosted here at ARTSgarage, and a createIt@ARTS garage seminar for educators exploring inquiry-based learning through the arts. Here are a couple of photos - you can see many more on Facebook at ARTSgarage and Cameron Taylor-Brown Studio


AND attention was finally given to a colorful double cloth that has been on my loom and calling to me for some time. One piece is off the loom and I'm in the middle of another. The colors are based on a lovely silk ribbon I purchased in the marketplace in Bhuj, India.


Woven Stone, Fiber Tiles and More - June 2015

A full page spread in Fiber Art Now of Majestic Stone: Pisac Market Peru, was followed by the opening of Diverted Destruction 8 at  The Loft at Liz's in Los Angeles, where the entire Majestic Stone series is on exhibit through September 8.


Fiber Tiles burst upon the scene this month– at ARTSgarage with "educators of all stripes" and later at Unwind  with several knitters exploring their inner 4 year olds. Fiber Tiles proved so fun and colorful that my daughter selected an image from a workshop for my new ARTSgarage Facebook page that she designed. 


And in the middle of the month I spent a wonderful week at the Midwest Weavers Conference – a great mix of teaching, taking classes, touring some of the Twin Cities'  textile collections, catching up with friends and making new ones.


Textile Treasures - May 2015

This was month number one of my transition to making and teaching - and no longer representing yarn companies! I rediscovered a couple of old friends as I sorted through my "stuff" and reordered my studio. These old friends are textile treasures: Textile Calculations by E.A. Posselt and an 1892 student textile analysis portfolio from the early days of what is now Philadelphia University. 




Eloise at the Plaza - April 2015

This month was filled with any number of fiber-based events, but the afternoon I treasure most was spent drinking tea with my children at the Plaza Hotel in New York City. On a beautiful April morning, we explored Central Park and the installation Desire Lines by Tatiana Trouve'. We looked up from Desire Lines and there it was, the Plaza Hotel, so of course it was time for tea!

Eloise was one of my favorite childhood books, and having tea in her former domain was so elegant and fun. And it was also fun to discover a website dedicated to Eloise right HERE.





New Directions - March 2015



Exquisite fibers arrive at my door on a regular basis. I open each box and fall in love.


The most recent package was from Alchemy Yarns of Transformation containing a hank of TWIG, an enticing blend of silk and linen, hand-dyed by Gina Wilde.I'm feeling a bit sad, because very soon someone else will be opening these inspiring packages.


After 30 years of representing several companies that make some of the most gorgeous yarns on the market, I'm stepping out of sales and focusing on my studio practice and on teaching.


Yes, I'm looking forward to this next chapter, but will miss the excitement of seeing and touching the new fibers that arrive each season. I most definately won't miss the driving, but I will miss representing the many fiber folk who are passionate about their craft and create such tangible beauty for all of us to enjoy!