News & Notes from Cameron

Alaskan Artistry - July 2017

A recent trip to the far north included a visit to the Alaska State Museum in Juneau. What an amazing collection of what they refer to as "Alaska Native Material," including two textile pieces that particularly called out to me.


The piece on the left is what remains of the Thorne River Basket – twined of spruce roots and approximately 5,450 years old. It was found on Prince of Wales Island  buried in wet mud with mussel shells nearby, thought to be its original contents. It is one of the oldest baskets ever recovered in Alaska or the Northwest Coast. The piece on the right is a pair of grass socks used for insulation with skin boots, made by the Yu'pik in Southwestern Alaska. 




Red Offerings Revisited - June 2017




My solo exhibit Fiber Trails opens in October at the Branch Gallery in Inglewood, CA.  I'm creating new work as well as revisiting some old friends as I put this show together. Red Offerings, a site-specific installation created after a trip to Bhutan, is being reworked for display in a corner of the  gallery. I love this piece and am so excited to see it come to life again. Here is a video that gives a hint of what the viewer will experience. In the gallery it is immersive and ephemeral. 












Return to Minnesota - May 2017


I simply LOVE teaching at the Weavers Guild of Minnesota at the Textile Center in Minneapolis.


It feels a bit like "coals to Newcastle" given the high level of expertise of the members, but I'm always happy to make a contribution. It was fun to spend time with people I've met at past workshops plus meet many new people too. The textile tribe is a great one and I'm so glad to belong! 


I arrived on one of the first weekends where Spring was in full flower -  joy was in the air. We ate our lunches outside and revelled in the lovely weather.  Oh, and say what?  Oh yes, my official reason to spend time here -  I presented a new lecture called Warp and Weft: A Conversation in Color plus taught a three-day workshop Color in Cloth:The Weaves You Want and Why.  







Exploring TIME: April 2017

California Fibers:Time opened this month at the Blackboard Gallery in Camarillo, CA.  I am a long-time member of California Fibers. It is such a pleasure to exhibit with them and participate in gallery events, including a lively panel discussion about contemporary fiber on April 22.  I snapped a photo of two friends, Carrie Burckle and Lesley Roberts, having a conversation with my piece Colors of Gujarat: Common Threads #2 in the background. Carrie is a Co-Founder with Lori Zimmerman of a organizaton now called TextileArts LA, and Carrie and Lesley are Co-Directors. I am on the advisory board and look forward to what develops! 



Spin a Yarn - March 2017

A new experience for me this month - I wrote a magazine article! Weaving on a Black Mountain Loom will be in the September/October 2017 issue of Handwoven Magazine. I was asked to write about my experience with Leap Before You Look: Black Mountain College 1933-1957, a traveling exhibit that included a loom from the Anni Albers weaving workshop at Black Mountain College. The loom was shipped in pieces from the Institute of Contemporary Art/Boston to the UCLA Hammer Museum and I was charged with putting it back together, designing an appropriate textile for the loom and doing educational weaving demonstrations in the gallery. It was fun to “spin a yarn” about this outstanding exhibit.