News & Notes from Cameron

Weaving Together Art and Agriculture - January 2018

A very special createIt@ARTSgarage was held at Moonwater Farm in Compton on January 27th. We celebrated the eighth year of createIt programming "for educators of all stripes" by weaving together art and agriculture.  


Left photo: Kathleen Blakistone to my right  and Jamia Weir to my left -as we  keep calm and design on - thanks for a great event! 

Right photo: Jumping in to some weaving projects and conversation around the big outdoor  table at Moonwater. 


TUG Love - December 2017

As I write this my new TUG electric ball winder from Sawyer Bee is busy winding hanks of yarn with absolutely no involvement from ME. TUG was my first foray into Kickstarter, and I invested in the manufacturing of this terrific device after seeing it demonstrated at a conference by the couple who created it. I had fun reading their posts and keeping track of their progress, and then in late December TUG arrived! 


The Weaving Workshop - November 2017


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This month I was invited by Brittany McLaughlin  to write an article for The Common Thread. And HERE it is! 

Brittany is a designer, educator, author, videographer - and founder of the Weaving Workshop - I'm excited to participate in her endeavors. 



Fiber Family - October 2017

My exhibit Fiber Trails was up all month at the Branch Gallery and was well-supported by the larger fiber community as well as by family and friends. I enter November feeling grateful for these treasured relationships – and bid a fond farewell to the work that sold over the course of the show.


Top photo is with my husband and our two children. Bottom photo is with my brother Zach and our Uncle Tom.  



LAVA and Love - September 2017

September was the big push to prepare for Fiber Trails, my solo exhibit that opens at the Branch Gallery on October 7. Part of the process was preparing wall text for each series in the show. Distilling concept and process into concise language was an interesting challenge and reminded me that  a good paragraph can be more difficult to construct that a long essay. I particularly enjoyed writing about LAVAfolds since my son Peter provided the inspiration for the series. Scroll on down to read the gallery text below the photo! 






























photo credit: Peter Taylor-Brown




A 2016 family trip to the Galapagos Islands of Ecuador resulted in this series. My son Peter took a number of wonderful pictures and I fell in love with a particular photograph he took of a lava flow at Sullivan Bay on Santiago Island.


His picture is intriguing to me because lava, an extremely hard material, looks like it could be fabric – hence the title of the series - LAVAfolds.


I captured various portions of his photograph, printed each onto fabric, cut them into irregular wefts and wove them into new configurations. I love the quilted dimensionality derived from such an unlikely source.


I also love that my son Peter provided the inspiration for this series