News & Notes from Cameron

Colors in the Canyon - June 2009


In a recent trip to Arizona, my husband joined me in Sedona's Oak Creek Canyon for the weekend. We discovered that Sedona's rocks and foliage offer a breathtaking color study in complementary hues. From the dramatic scale of cliffs and pines to an intimate cluster of wild flowers by the side of the trail, the interplay of reds and greens is a constant theme.

Some believe that Sedona is home to several vortex sites - hot spots of natural energy that invigorate the human spirit. The dynamic vibrations unique to complementary colors surely contribute!

WeaveCast Interview Just Released! - April 2009

WeaveZine editor Syne Mitchell interviews me about my approach to color and design and explores my philosophy about teaching and learning in an April  episode of WeaveCast. The interview was originally recorded while I was in Seattle last February - I had forgotten how much fun we had talking about a wide range of topics. (I had also forgotten that after teaching all day, I sounded like a frog until we took a break and I drank some water! ) It was the first time I had met Syne, and it was my first experience being interviewed for a podcast. Syne's efforts with WeaveCast are  creating something quite wonderful and unique  - an audio record of the weaving world from her particular perspective.  I am so honored to be included!  To check out Weavezine and WeaveCast and to listen to my interview, click on

Color Connects in Riverside - March 2009

At the recent Color Connects conference in Riverside, CA  my weavings were featured in three exhibits, all with openings during the Riverside Art Walk on Thursday March 5th. Elephant in the Room a comment on hanging chads and politics, received a prize in the conference's Spectrum Showcase. I taught Words About Color , helped with a wonderful fashion show, and had a great time immersing myself in the world of fiber!


with Deborah Jarchow at Spectrum

with Kathleen Wain at the Riverside Art Museum

with Amanda Parsons at Riverside Community College

Dream Weavers at the Quad Art Gallery at Riverside Community College, runs through April 10th.

Designing Weavers Personal Best can be viewed at the Riverside Art Museum through April 4th.