News & Notes from Cameron

Temples, Trekking and Textiles - October 2010

My husband and I have just returned from a wonderful adventure in Cambodia and Bhutan.

In Cambodia we explored ancient temples including Angkor Wat, and of course, found weavers and textiles.

Palm weaving


Woven roots at an ancient temple


From cocoons to silk fabrics at Artisans Angkor



Bhutan is an ancient Himalayan kingdom undergoing rapid change since opening its doors to tourism in 1974.

It was fascinating to observe the rich culture of the country and the interplay between tradition and modernity.


Paro Valley  and prayer flags                                          Along the trail to Tango Goemba


School of  Arts and Crafts


Prayer Flags along the trail to Tiger's Nest Monastery


Land of 10,000 Lakes and Many Weavers – September 2010

My trip to Minneapolis/Saint Paul was hands-down the highlight of my month. Invited by the Weavers Guild of Minnesota to present a lecture and color workshop, I stayed with wonderful hosts, Katherine and Dick Buenger, and was introduced to the fabulous facility known as the Textile Center. The Textile Center houses the Weavers Guild of Minnesota's office, classrooms, retail yarn shop and reference library - plus the Center has a beautiful gallery space, gift shop, auditorium, textile library and dye facility. I haven't taught with such resources at my disposal since I was a college instructor. What a treat to discuss color and be able to pull supporting reference books from the shelf, plus have a wide variety of floor looms, yarns and equipment available. In an era where universities are shutting down their textile departments, the Textile Center and the Weavers Guild of Minnesota offer an alternate model that makes the wonder of fiber arts accessible to all.

To learn more about both organizations, check out and

The Weavers Guild has lots of photos from my lecture and workshop posted on


And here are some photos of my own from Garden Palettes and Hands On Color:




And as a major fan of Prairie Home Companion,  I couldn't come to Minnesota and not visit the Fitzgerald Theater!


O’Keeffe Country - August 2010

"Nothing is less real than realism...Details are confusing. It is only by selection, by elimination, by emphasis, that we get at the real meaning of things."  Georgia O'Keeffe, 1922

OKeeffe_1Following the Convergence Fiber Conference, my husband and I took a New Mexico road trip in search of all things Georgia O'Keeffe. Her iconic landscape paintings have always inspired me - what a treat to tour her home and studio in Abiquiu and see the actual places that she painted - including Chimney Rock, Pedernal Peak, the Chama River, the White Place...


Secrets of the Silk Road - July 2010





I finally made it to Secrets of the Silk Road at the Bowers Museum in Santa Ana. What an amazing exhibit. The textiles are a key component of this exceptional show, but what stays with me most is a lovingly wrapped infant mummy - wearing a blue felted cap - buried in the 8th century B.C. Thousands of years simply fell away.


I had read about these mummies and their unlikely location several years ago in The Mummies of Ururmchi by Elizabeth Wayland Barber. To have the opportunity see actual artifacts was remarkable. There is a catalogue and an excellent "Silk Road Chronology" chart that shows at-a-glance the many influential cultures along the Silk Road. Secrets of the Silk Road travels to Houston and Philadelphia before returning to China - don't miss it!


The Bowers website links to several interesting videos on You Tube when the video on the lower left of the landing page is played. Check it out at

Interlacement Symposium - May 2010

Teaching at the Interlacement Symposium in Vancouver, B.C. was great fun.


My hosts Sandra and Doug Crompton are avid photographers, and Sandra's lovely photos of Vancouver landscapes and flora provided design inspiration for several participants in the "Colour in Cloth" workshop. We explored how different weave structures mix and blend colors and applied this knowledge to original designs. Below are examples of designs by Sandra, Jo, and Chris - inspired by Sandra's photos.

VancouverSandra VancouverJoVancouverChris

Sandra also introduced me to Maiwa, a wonderful resource for all things textile - workshops, supplies, podcasts and more. I look forward to returning to Vancouver and studying at Maiwa next year.