News & Notes from Cameron

Textile Expressions and Global Yarns - March 2011


I've just completed the first part of an east coast trip centered around the Westminster Fibers conference, where we gathered from around the United States, Canada, Europe and England to review new yarn collections being introduced into the global marketplace for Fall/Winter 2011. to kick-off the conference, I facilitated a color workshop with many participants including the new general manager, Donna Armstrong. And each night I checked both Facebook and Weavolution to read the growing list of textile expressions I'm collecting. In addition to expressions such as "a stitch in time saves nine", there are many in Swedish and one in Yiddish, fortunately with translations. Check them out, and please add more!

On Saturday, I teach at the Fiber Loft in Harvard, MA and present my newest lecture "Textiles of Bhutan: A Weavers Journey."


ARTSgarage Launch - February 2011

February marked the official launch of ARTSgarage. In that spirit, I spent a lovely rainy February afternoon with a friend in Berkeley looking through her incredible selection of art and textile books, workshop notes and magazines. This counts as research, now that the ARTSgarage library has morphed from an accidental archive into a real reference library. I have a great excuse to acquire MORE BOOKS. Not that I need an excuse since my greatest dilemma when I have a free afternoon is "Do I read or do I make?"

These are three of the books I browsed through and now "desire to acquire."

On the day of the Oscars, we gathered in ARTSgarage for the first peer-to-peer createIT session. What a fun and interesting group of people, and of course they all left with swag bags given this is Hollywood!

A light moment as a fiber godess, the book of explorations that guided us, and an example of a texture study based on one of the explorations.


Valya's Work of Art - January 2011





I worked at the National Needlearts Association trade show January 7-10, and wore Valya Royenko's  fabulous felted garment. People stopped me in the aisles and I encouraged them to ask questions and touch the garment. The president of Coats North America (a huge textile company that owns the Rowan yarn brand) came up to me and pronounced the piece "awesome." His two adult daughters accompanied him on his trip to California, and he stopped me again in the hotel so I could show them the garment.


I felt like a walking piece of fiber sculpture - it was FUN to wear such beautiful work! Thank you, Valya!   To see more of Valya's work, start with her artist's page at





The Arts Garage - December 2010


Last year I committed to clearing our garage of over twenty-five years of accumulated clutter. And now it is DONE. The 400 square foot room is now the Arts Garage - clean and well-lit, with plenty of room for storage, display and work tables. I've been using it as an extension of my upstairs studio and office, with the idea of turning it into a teaching studio on occasion. From this simple room, I'll be launching an education initiative that offers teaching artists and educators  "space"  to embrace their own creativity in teaching and learning. We'll be using the fiber arts as our vehicle of expression, working with simple processes and materials we have at hand. I'm really excited about the possibilities, and look  forward to scheduling the first session in late February.

25 Stories: A Weaving Workshop for Kids - November 2010


Every family has mementos that are special to them and are interwoven into the unique tapestry that is their own family history. While weaving your journal, think about these questions:

What object in your family is special to you?  Why? What is its story?



25 Stories: A Weaving Workshop for Kids attracted over 60 people in two class sessions at the Japanese American National Museum in Los Angeles on November 13th. Child/adult teams created mixed media woven journals and were encouraged to write their own stories inside. It was great fun to design the project and teach the workshop - and many thanks to Target for funding the entire event!


The workshop celebrated the opening of American Tapestry: 25 Stories from the Collection, a fascinating exhibit of artifacts, artwork, photographs and oral histories on view at the Japanese American National Museum through April 17, 2011.