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WeaveCast Interview Just Released! - April 2009

WeaveZine editor Syne Mitchell interviews me about my approach to color and design and explores my philosophy about teaching and learning in an April  episode of WeaveCast. The interview was originally recorded while I was in Seattle last February - I had forgotten how much fun we had talking about a wide range of topics. (I had also forgotten that after teaching all day, I sounded like a frog until we took a break and I drank some water! ) It was the first time I had met Syne, and it was my first experience being interviewed for a podcast. Syne's efforts with WeaveCast are  creating something quite wonderful and unique  - an audio record of the weaving world from her particular perspective.  I am so honored to be included!  To check out Weavezine and WeaveCast and to listen to my interview, click on