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BoroBoro LA Style - July 2016

I admit it, this post is for fellow textile geeks!  After a recent Fiber and Weave workshop in my ARTSgarage studio, I played around with the leftover warps and made several samples that explored  differential shrinkage  of cotton and wool.  I experimented with many ways that wool can "move" when subjected to soap, hot water and agitation via open denting, weave structure and beat. It was totally engrossing, and triggered many ideas for future work. Teaching is a great vehicle for new ideas, as I might not have gone in this direction if not for Fiber and Weave.

Here are 3 different samples:

1. Cotton and wool striped warp, 12 EPI in the center and 6 EPI on the sides;  wool and cotton wefts, plain weave, areas of firm and loose beats, overall and detail. 


Before fulling, I inserted washers to prevent shrinkage               The sample as it came off of the loom (loom state)


2. all wool warp, 12 EPI, twill vs plain weaves with wool and cotton wefts; washers tied to prevent shrinkage;  loom state 


3. All wool warp, 12 EPI in center, 6 EPI on the sides, wool and cotton wefts, washers tied to prevent shrinkage, loom state